On May 26th Cyprus Blockchain Technologies organized the first Annual B.R.E.W — Blockchain Rounds Exhibitions and Workshops event!

Shopping.io was delighted to attend and speak at the B.R.E.W Blockchain Expo alongside some fantastic companies and speakers both in and outside of the crypto space; as well as having the opportunity to present Shopping.io’s existing and upcoming ecosystem. B.R.E.W was hosted by Cyprus Blockchain Technologies, a not-for-profit organization that aims to influence national blockchain strategies as well as aiding the adoption of crypto in Cyprus. Cyprus Blockchain Technologies invited leading individuals from Bank of Cyprus, the University of Nicosia, Oracle and many more in order to bring their vision of crypto adoption in Cyprus to fruition.

B.R.E.W Blockchain Expo kicked off with a presentation by Clain, a project building the newest developments in the analysis of blockchain transactions and working to create a safe crypto market. Clains presentation was followed by the highlight of the expo; Shopping.io. Led by our EVP Meirav Shacked, Shopping.io was given the floor to show the Cyprus Crypto community the true potential of shopping with crypto and the amazing utilities that Shopping.io has to offer. Shopping.io took this opportunity to show off its newest developments such as Shopping Pay, $SHOP token, Shopping.io’s web extension and our future virtual Shopping Mall the Shopverse. Attendees were also given an exclusive 10% discount code for all purchases on Shopping.io’s platform.

Click here to view the full presentation

Other notable attendees are PWC who presented their blockchain solutions services and Mercuryo who presented their crypto payment innovations such as their wallet, crypto on off ramps and pay in pay out services. Mercuryo spoke about the evolution of traditional financial institutions and how blockchain technology can improve their efficiency by “cutting out the middleman” creating a more trustworthy financial market.

Shopping.io thanks Cyprus Blockchain Technology for offering the opportunity to attend B.R.E.W 2022 and is looking forward to more blockchain events in Cyprus and globally.

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