Shopverse Mall: The first look
3 min readFeb 25, 2022


Today, after countless hours of design and development, the team is proud to unveil the first snapshots of the heavily anticipated Shopverse Mall.

Our vision is to build an experience unlike before for companies and consumers alike. This is the perfect opportunity to own a store in an ever-expanding virtual world where users can connect and explore in ways that go beyond what we can imagine.

Welcome to the future of crypto eCommerce

Join us as we step into the future of eCommerce led by crypto. People will be taking their first steps into the massive structure that the Shopverse is set to be, through four circular corridors, feeling the sheer potential of this massively scaled and interoperable network that is the metaverse itself. We aim for the experience to be immersive and familiar as lines between the virtual worlds and reality become blurred, yet fun and fascinating since we have the freedom to ignore the rules of three-dimensional spacetime.

Mall Structure

Here’s a first glance at the overall structure of the mall as a whole from a birds-eye view. The construction’s design is inspired by the look of trees, branching out and growing yet grounded with steady and resilient roots, illustrating its sheer size and ability to potentially hold thousands of stores and host hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The Stores

This section showcases our vision for the individual stores hosted within the Shopverse mall. We couldn’t help but dip our toes into the fantastic potential of not being restricted by the laws of physics in the metaverse, giving our developers exciting ways to customize and innovate.

The Store

Last but not least we have the heart of the Shopverse mall, the Store. Users will begin their metaverse adventure at the Store, the hub of the mall situated at the central point where the four entrance corridors meet. The store will have options for featured products from other stores and options for advertisement and the hosting of metaverse events.



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