Summer Treasure Hunt Event
Jul 29, 2022


We’re hosting our second puzzle treasure hunt event! Last time it was crosswords this time its word scrambles!

We’ve filled 5 digital wallets with prizes and created 5 different word scramble puzzles for you to have fun with!

Be the first to solve the puzzle, get the phrase and unlock the wallet!
- Only 1 winner per wallet!
- Make sure you screenshot the seed phrase at the end of the game!
- We cannot stop the crossword from running so if you are the winner, transfer the prize to your own wallet immediately!

*If the wallet has been emptied, try your luck in another puzzle!

What are you waiting for? Someone is already there hunting your treasure!

Puzzle 1 | Puzzle 2 | Puzzle 3 | Puzzle 4 | Puzzle 5

Click here for instructions on how to open a wallet with a 12 word key phrase



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