SPI.Finance Launched!

SPI.finance launched! ( Will be moved to stake.spi.club )

What is Spi.finance?

Staking and dynamic rewards.

Spi.finance is a brand new part of the SPI ecosystem that allows people to stake their SPI and GSPI for more rewards in a dynamic system!

  • There is no minimum requirements to stake on spi.finance (stake.spi.club).
  • There is no penalties involving staking on spi.finance (stake.spi.club).
  • Staking on spi.finance (stake.spi.club) requires a gas fee to enter and exit the staking contract.
  • There will be a VIP staking option ( coming soon ).
  • There is a GSPI unique staking option on spi.finance ( stake.spi.club ) this will go live when GSPI is released to stakers who stake at the original staking contract at spi.club
  • There is a 999 SPI cap on all staking functions in spi.finance.
  • The team chooses what rewards go into the pool each week. We do this manually so we have control over increasing reward incentives.

Daily raffle rewards. ( Coming Soon )

  • Spi.finance will have a giveaway raffle every 24 hours. You will receive one giveaway raffle credit upon sign in and connecting your metamask account to spi.finance ( stake.spi.club ).
  • You then can use that raffle credit to enter a daily giveaway hosted on the website which a winner will be drawn at random every 24 hours.
  • The winner will have to use gas when interacting with the giveaway system. You must use gas to enter and to claim your rewards if you win.

Additional Details.

The entire app will be reviewed and updated to fix minor issues this week such as typos on the dApp. Please be advised that the team is aware of these small issues and we will be fixing them soon.

You will lose your plan rewards if you fall underneath your tier requirement as your spi.finance staked amount does not count towards your plan holdings at this time. The team will be reviewing this later this week.

Let’s go SPI.

With Spi.finance you are given another way to enjoy the Shopping.io ecosystem and stake your SPI with minimal commitment and increased rewards.

This is only the beginning as we have GSPI, BSC integration, CEX and much more on the horizon!

We are happy you are shopping with us today — SPI community!

-Matthew Harper

CM Shopping.io




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Shop online with your favorite cryptocurrencies at Shopping.io!

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