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3 min readAug 11, 2022

-- is thrilled to announce its collaboration with EQIFi to integrate $EQX as a form of payment on the platform. From August 15th shoppers will receive a 2% discount for 30 days on all orders paid for using $EQX as well as FREE SHIPPING for 7 days.

$EQX’s integration on will launch on the 11th of August 2022 where stakers, holders and users will be able to use their $EQX earnings to make purchases through some of the world’s biggest retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Home Depot. Shoppers can also enjoy the option to order items from retailers that may otherwise be unavailable due to shipping restrictions thanks to’s very own fulfilment center. has given EQIFi a cross-chain integration with the implementation of both ERC20 and BEP20 versions of $EQX allowing for a seamless user-friendly shopping experience.

Introducing EQIFi, the one stop DeFi platform that gives its users the ability to save, invest, trade and borrow money, all under the same roof. EQIFi began its journey in late 2020 stemming from EQIBank’s desire to tap into the rapidly evolving world of DeFi. The company’s inception was quickly followed by the development, auditing and eventual launch of the EQIFi platform as well as the EQX token in August 2021.

Since then EQIFi has made leaps and bounds in its development of platform features such as the EQIFi credit card, wallet connect integration, a mobile app that allows free P2P transactions and an onramp that allows users to buy crypto directly with a credit card. Today EQIFi has become an invaluable tool in any financier’s arsenal due to its streamlined, easy to use interface as well as its global financial capabilities afforded by EQIFi’s long standing partnership with EQIBank.

$EQX is EQIFi’s native token, offering its holders an enhanced experience on the platform. Such benefits include passive income rewards of up to 20% APY for staking $EQX to provide liquidity, Improved platform fees/rates, access to EQIFi’s governance system and more favorable LTV ratios. These platform benefits scale to correlate to the amount of time tokens are staked for, as well as the number of tokens a user holds. Some examples of $EQX’s benefit scaling can be seen in the following table.

Enhance your Shopping experience by combining your purchase using $EQX with the benefits of holding’s native tokens ($SPI and $GSPI) and the Shopverse NFT. $G/SPI unlock plan discounts through their staking platform while the Shopverse NFT triggers a flat 2% discount. This gives shoppers the opportunity to receive a stacked discount of up to 14% on all orders.

This integration is only the first step in’s vision for its integrated tokens. With the launch of the web extension, Shopverse Mall and ShoppingPay, integrated tokens such as $EQX will be intricately woven into the ecosystem, continuing to act as forms of payment as well as activating platform benefits. is constantly striving to increase its sphere of influence in the crypto and e-commerce spaces and believes that token integrations and project collaborations are vital components to its success.

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