— TrustSwap Integration & TrustSwap have now teamed up to establish a powerful presence in crypto E-commerce by adopting a long term vision for setting the future standard of crypto E-commerce worldwide.

Who We Are provides a platform that establishes a new way to make your online purchases with cryptocurrency. We provide direct access to major hubs of E-commerce such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay where you can currently make purchases using over 100 different cryptocurrencies.

We incentivize businesses to use our platform to save directly when making their purchases online. Our platform brings discounts of up to 10% for all your purchases made online using crypto through holding our native token $SPI while offering future API integrations to allow other tokens that were previously unsupported to participate in crypto E-commerce to be allowed to be used to make purchases on our platform while gaining access to major hubs of online trade.

TrustSwap is a reputable and powerful name in crypto that specializes in safe and customizable transactions in the global crypto ecosystem. They operate using their native token SWAP which is used for governance and reduced transfer fees on their platform.

We will be working together with TrustSwap in a mutually beneficial integration for both of our companies. We are excited to be working with the TrustSwap and $SWAP community.

What does this mean?

  • TrustSwap will aid in the promotion, marketing, networking and user onboarding to the platform and SPI token.
  • TrustSwap will aid in the development and design of the user experience, as well as assist in providing the appropriate networking to encourage organic platform growth.
  • will use 10% of our bottom line profit after our company expenses have been paid to market-buy $SWAP tokens which will then be distributed directly to $SWAP stakers via the official TrustSwap Staking Portal.

This incredible joint effort will be active for the next 10 years. We are beyond excited to see what our journey together will bring and how we will grow as a community with this incredible opportunity.

For more information about the TrustSwap community and see what they are all about please check them out at their website here: TrustSwap

Please also check us out as we continue our journey to become the number one name in crypto E-commerce at!

We are excited to see what both our platforms will bring in 2021 and we are glad to have you on board with us as we navigate this journey together!

- Arbel Arif ( ) CEO / Owner



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