🛍Shopping.io (SPI) Partners with Zilliqa

Shopping.io, the leading crypto E-commerce platform has partnered with Zilliqa, one of a number of competing blockchain aiming to grow an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dapps) and cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Tron and EOS.

Starting today, Zilliqa holders will be able to spend their tokens on Shopping.io’s E-commerce platform and make Amazon (US, UK, CA + DE), Ebay, and Walmart purchases using them. Through Shopping.io, Zilliqa members will now be able to use their tokens to shop for everyday items, electronics, and novelty pieces.

“We are super excited about our partnership with Shopping.io! Customers can now pay in $ZIL to buy hundreds of thousands of products listed on Amazon, Ebay and Walmart.” - Amrit Kummer, Co-Founder and President of Zilliqa

This partnership continues our push to partner with all relevant and exciting projects that match our vision of a mainstream crypto future.

“We are so looking forward to this partnership and continuing to grow the shopping.io brand by including many different powerful projects like Zilliqa.” - Arbel Arif Founder and CEO of shopping.io

Shopping.io is the only international crypto on-boarding platform which allows its users to spend their cryptocurrencies on popular E-commerce websites. This partnership is another step forward in Shopping.io’s growth and maturity in the industry.

📄About Zilliqa -
Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security and low fee blockchain platform built for business, catalysing open commerce with its secure-by-design smart contracts, and low-cost transactions for digital assets.

Developed through academic research, Zilliqa is helmed by a team of experienced scientists, leading engineers, financial services specialists, and venture creators. Driven by the mission to commercialise blockchain-based application, Zilliqa focuses on use cases across asset securitisation, decentralised and open finance, incentivised marketing, and secure tokenisation — the conversion and representation of assets as digital, blockchain-based tokens.

In 2019, Zilliqa became the first public blockchain platform to be built on sharded architecture, with smart contracts written in the platform’s secure-by-design programming language, Scilla.

🛍About Shopping.io -
We are the only company in crypto that allows you to purchase from major E-commerce hubs on a global scale with the option to choose from hundreds of different tokens.
We also have two native coins, $SPI and $GSPI which provide even bigger discounts on our site when you hold them!
We believe in the power of absolute freedom when it comes to E-commerce and changing the industry for the better, forever. One purchase at a time.



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