Launches its New Membership Program With a Month full of Giveaways is moments away from launching its long awaited $SHOP token and membership platform; It is doing so alongside a month long membership giveaway event with the top prize being the Golden Ape from the Villager of XOLO NFT set. Membership Program

The revamped membership plans have been designed with community feedback in mind, leading to the replacement of the locking fee present in $G/SPI’s membership contracts, with a required holding period of three months. Users will now have the ability to lock their $SHOP to gain access to one of five membership tiers. In keeping with’s rebranded space theme, the five membership packages have been appropriately named Asteroid, Moon, Planet, Star and Galaxy. Each tier requires a greater amount of locked $SHOP tokens to access, with each step up granting users more platform benefits than the last. Such benefits include: up to 20% $SHOP Back rewards, airdrop rewards, and free international shipping.

How does it work?

  1. Sign In to your account
  2. Go to the Membership tab on the website
  3. Connect your Web3 wallet
  4. Choose the membership plan that suits you
  5. Lock the required amount of $SHOP (Locking period will last for 3 months)
  6. Track your membership status and rewards in the Personal Dashboard tab

Click here for more information about’s membership packages and required locking amounts!

Disclaimer — In order to be eligible for membership benefits, the wallet connected to the membership platform must be identical to the wallet connected to your account.

$SHOP Launch Membership Giveaways!

Whether you received $SHOP in its initial airdrop or earned it during’s 20% $SHOP Back event, you’re probably asking yourself, “What do I do with my tokens?” Well has the answer!

Introducing the $SHOP membership giveaway, where users who have locked their $SHOP have a chance to win one or more amazing prizes. The giveaway will work in a raffle-like system where each token locked functions as a single entry, giving holders that lock more tokens a greater chance of winning. Winners will be chosen at random every Monday and Thursday with rewards becoming progressively more extravagant ending with the grand prize of the Golden Ape from the Villager of XOLO NFT set.


  • $50 in $SHOP credits (six)
  • $100 in $SHOP credits (2)
  • $250 in $SHOP credits (1)
  • $500 in $SHOP credits (1)
  • Shopverse NFT (1)
  • $500 in $SHOP (1)
  • Access to the Galaxy Membership tier for 3 months (1)
  • iPhone 13 pro max (1)
  • Golden Ape from the Villager of XOLO NFT (1)

The more $SHOP you lock the greater your chances of winning the raffle!

Disclaimer — Participants will be unable to win more than one prize on each raffle draw.

For more information about’s membership packages

For the latest updates follow’s social media channels and join the Telegram/Discord community.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube also has community representatives and a 24/7 live chat on its website ready to answer any and all questions.

Check the website for all terms and conditions.




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