Launches its New Membership Program With a Month full of Giveaways Membership Program’s membership platform will be launched on September 9th paired with the launch of the $SHOP token. Users will be able to access the Membership platform via the ‘Membership’ tab. In the future the Membership tab will be located within a ‘Personal Dashboard’ tab, the Dashboard will also facilitate the $SHOP Back rewards systems and the management of your orders.

How does it work?

  1. Sign In to your account
  2. Go to the Membership tab on the website
  3. Connect your Web3 wallet
  4. Choose the membership plan that suits you
  5. Lock the required amount of $SHOP (Locking period will last for 3 months)
  6. Track your membership status and rewards in the Personal Dashboard tab

$SHOP Launch Membership Giveaways!


  • $50 in $SHOP credits (six)
  • $100 in $SHOP credits (2)
  • $250 in $SHOP credits (1)
  • $500 in $SHOP credits (1)
  • Shopverse NFT (1)
  • $500 in $SHOP (1)
  • Access to the Galaxy Membership tier for 3 months (1)
  • iPhone 13 pro max (1)
  • Golden Ape from the Villager of XOLO NFT (1)



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