is proud to announce- Operation Coinmaker

Due to heavy demand of projects onboarding onto the platform we have launched Operation Coinmaker as a responsive way to engage our community while we streamline partnerships across the Crypto industry.

The winner of each Coinmaker contest will be integrated into the platform so that token holders can spend their crypto on major E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Etsy. Providing an additional utility to their token and an additional marketing promotion with more community exposure.

The winner of the poll will be listed for free on the platform. 
Any additional marketing for the winner would be available for locking up $GSPI. will present three coins curated from a long list of potential tokens every week. There will be a Twitter poll posted on the Twitter with the three choices so that anyone can come along and cast a vote.

The first three tokens were chosen by for their use cases, transparency, and communities, and this weeks 3 nominees are: SWIPE, UNIQLY, and BONDLY

The first coin is Swipe is a DEFI platform that enables cryptocurrency financial products powered by SXP, meaning that the project allows you to use your crypto as payment for commodities. They also have about 270k followers on their Twitter account.

The second coin is UNIQLY, the first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

Uniqly hopes to be the bridge between the world of virtual Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and real-world goods.

Last but far from least, BONDLY, which is bringing DeFi to the masses by bridging the gap between decentralized escrow payments. They hope to create the next generation of payments infrastructure designed for the sale of digital businesses and assets.

The poll is up on our Twitter NOW and we want to hear from every single one of you which of these options you would choose for

Twitter link —

“Operation CoinMaker is a game changer in streamlining partnerships for moving forward. We are looking forward to engaging with new communities on a regular basis through this initiative and giving another utility for GSPI holders.” -Arbel Arif, Founder and CEO

Voting will take place Wednesday June 23rd, till Wednesday June 30th and will announce the winner on Twitter and the integration process shall begin.


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