is presenting at Blockchain Fest, Limassol Cyprus

The team has come together at Blockchain Fest in Limassol Cyprus. With representatives from every department as well as the presence of its EVP (Meirav Shacked), came to present its revamped ecosystem as well as building long term connections within the crypto space.

Crypto Law and Education:

Blockchain Fest was kicked off with a pannel discussion including guest appearances from Christiana Aristidou (Founder & CEO at Christiana Aristidou LLC), Dr Charis Savvides (Faculty member of our Institute for the Future, University of Nicosia), Andri Michael (Partner at Kinanis LLC, Member of the Technology Committee of the Cyprus Bar Association at Cyprus Bar Association) and Simon Zenios (Director of the Fintech Corporate Law Firm, Simon Zenios & Co LLC) with the topic discussed being “The Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem in Cyprus”. The discussion began with the exploration of the influx of crypto developments in Cyprus as well as its relation to European developments in the crypto space. Panel members raised the argument that Cyprus is ahead of its international counterparts in terms of DeFi, this being in direct juxtaposition to the typical flow of financial developments. Typically, International bodies such as the European Central Bank will implement new financial legislations that will then trickle down and influence regional bodies. This along with an already established crypto friendly presence due to lenient tax regulations has heavily influenced the increased crypto adoption in Cyprus. team members had the pleasure of speaking privately with Andri Michael, where they were able to discuss the leveraging of blockchain technology to improve the global public and financial sectors. Andri also mentioned her involvement in the education of a new wave of lawyers versed in laws and regulations surrounding crypto and blockchain. More on the topic of crypto education, Dr Charis Savvides spoke about his and the Cyprus bar association’s work with the University of Nicosia. Nick Assimenos (Institutional Partnerships Manager at the University of Nicosia) went on to announce the appointing of crypto advisors from the University of Nicosia to the European Central Bank, with the goal of setting up crypto dedicated departments over the next four years. Ecosystem Presentation:’s very own EVP Meirav Shacked, led a presentation introducing the current platform as well as all its upcoming developments including the web extension, ShoppingPay, Shopverse and SHOP Token.’s presentation kicked Blockchain Fest off with a bang, showing everyone present Shopping’s ability to collaborate with any project and provide an invaluable utility to any token. The presentation also included demo videos of the use of the platform, statistics such as monthly traffic, sales per month and average purchase value as well as a ecosystem tour. Meirav Shacked went into detail about’s competitive edge over other ecommerce projects including its ability to accept over 200 tokens as a form of payment, a dedicated order fulfilment network and its upcoming cashback capabilities. Blockchain Fest attendees were also rewarded with a discount code providing a 10% discount on all purchases on

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Cyprus’s Banking Panel:

Possibly the most anticipated panel of Blockchain Fest was the bank of Cyprus, notable panel members were Nick Assimentos (Institutional Partnerships Manager at the University of Nicosia), Marios M. Skandalis (Director Group Compliance Division at Bank of Cyprus) and Marios Tannousis (Deputy Director General & Head of HQ Unit at Invest Cyprus). The subject at hand was the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology in the financial sector and its affect on the everyday day lives of the people of Cyprus. Marios M. Skandalis began by speaking about the history of crypto in Cyprus and its evolution from an illicit commodity to an accepted transactional mainframe, this being evident in the University of Nicosia that has been accepting Bitcoin as a from of tuition payment since 2014. Marios M. Skandalis went on to make the statement that “Crypto is not evil” with the explanation that Crypto transactions are becoming more efficient than traditional financial transactions. Cyprus’s banking system is firmly on its way to being the leading financial network in the crypto space. is Growing Stronger:

With a growing number of team members being based in Cyprus, is becoming more efficient in its development and growth. This paired with the rapid adoption of crypto in Cyprus makes for a perfect setting for a formidable and successful crypto company. is thrilled to have been a part of Blockchain Fest and will be making appearances in many more global crypto events, taking every opportunity to build connections and project its mission; to create an ecosystem that provides shoppers and merchants with a seamless and immersive crypto e-commerce experience.

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