Integrates with Kitty Inu Token

Crypto E-commerce platform continues its trend of integrations by adding Kitty Inu (KITTY) as a new way to show on the platform.

The team is excited to announce KITTY, a new token integration on Now users of the platform can use KITTY when shopping at their favorite ecommerce sites like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and Home Depot and in the upcoming Shopverse.

As an added bonus to welcome Kitty Inu to, users paying with KITTY will enjoy a 2% discount at checkout from now until 03.02.2022 .

To celebrate this new integration will be hosting an AMA and a giveaway. The first ten customers to pay with KITTY on the platform will get $100 to spend on however they wish.

“We are very excited to bring KITTY onboard as another form of payment on our shopping platform. aims to integrate with all the big names as the number one Crypto E-commerce platform,” said Arbel Arif, founder and CEO.

“We are very grateful to for the opportunity presented through this partnership to expand the utility of our native token, $kitty, to include making purchases on major retail platforms. We look forward to supporting the project in their mission to become the number one crypto E-commerce platform, and we appreciate working with a team that shares our value of innovation and is aligned with our overarching goal of mainstream crypto adoption”, said Anna, CEO and co-founder of Kitty Inu.

About Kitty Inu:

Inspired by society’s fascination with “meme coins”, the Kitty Inu project was created with the intention to bring this satire into other emerging sectors in the cryptocurrency space- specifically, play-to-earn gaming and the metaverse. With other “meme coins” branding themselves as “community driven”, Kitty Inu differentiates itself by adopting a “team driven, community supported” attitude, which translates into a qualified and professional team driving the project forward while accepting guidance, feedback, and ideas from its enthusiastic community. Kitty Inu ($KITTY) launched their project on the 24th of October and their NFT “GameFi” protocol is currently under development, with ambitions to release the beta version of their play-to-earn game, “KittyKart”, in Q1 of 2022.

Additionally, to further integrate the character of kitty into metaverse ecosystems, the Kitty Inu project has engaged in a strategic partnership with the Culture DAO to assist with both bringing Kitty to life as a virtual being on social media platforms, and having her be available as an artificially intelligent NFT (iNFT) that users can interact with in her own metaverse environment. The Culture DAO is the brainchild of Emmy award winning Edward Saatchi, the founder of Fable Studios and co-founder of Oculus VR story studio, and Anna Nevison, M.S., a blockchain developer and published scientist from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The DAO’s membership includes industry leaders from Pixar, Dreamworks, Unity, OpenAI, ILM, and more that will contribute to the expansion of the Kitty Inu ecosystem into the virtual beings, metaverse, and AI realms.

You are invited to join Kitty on the journey.

Learn more and stay in touch with Kitty Inu: Website | Twitter | Telegram

About was founded in December 2020 by drop-shipping veterans with a vision to change how people make purchases with crypto. gives you the ability to make purchases seamlessly online with your favorite cryptocurrencies and enjoy exclusive rewards on the platform, along with a variety of token specific discounts.

SPI is’s native token and unlocks plan discounts and benefits on, including free international shipping. GSPI is’s governance token, unlocking our business plan for dropshippers and businesses alike, allowing discounts on various purchases.

We believe in the power of absolute freedom when it comes to E-Commerce and changing the industry for the better, forever!

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