Integrates Amazon Sweden. Entering a Connected Market! is ecstatic to be integrating Amazon Sweden! With this integration, we are bringing in the 19th largest market for E-commerce to shop with crypto on our platform.

“It’s a thrilling idea knowing that we can provide new means of purchasing products online, to a country that aims to connect all their citizens to the internet.” said Arbel Arif, founder and CEO.

Sweden has one of the highest GDP per capita and is considered to be the seventh richest country in the world. Their economy is built on engineering, telecommunications, automotive and pharmaceutical industries with a thoroughly developed IT-sector and interest in blockchain technology.

Sweden has established a regulatory framework for Bitcoin. They view mined Bitcoin as income from a hobby with no tax if it is performed in Sweden by individuals. The Swedish financial supervisory authority is the organ responsible for Bitcoin regulation & requires crypto services to report Bitcoin trading as a financial service.

The team is thrilled to have the Swedish market join our platform. Offering a streamlined process when buying and receiving products online with crypto.

This integration is another significant step for our platform as we work towards building the future of Crypto E-commerce

About was founded by drop-shipping veterans with a vision to change how we make purchases with crypto. gives you the ability to make purchases seamlessly online with your favorite cryptocurrencies and enjoy exclusive rewards on the platform, along with a variety of token-specific discounts.

$SPI is’s native token and unlocks plan discounts and benefits up to 10% on including free international shipping.
$GSPI is’s governance token, unlocking our business plan for dropshippers and businesses alike allowing discounts on various purchases.

We believe in the power of absolute freedom when it comes to E-commerce and changing the industry for the better, forever.
One purchase at a time.

If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to contact us on our live chat directly on our website or through

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