Integrates Amazon Japan Catalogue, Welcomes 50 Million New Shoppers

We are so excited to announce’s newest integration-- adding Amazon Japan to our E-commerce inventory!

Amazon users exceed 50 million in Japan, boosted by an increase in mobile users.

Nielsen, a digital marketing survey and data analysis provider, announced that Amazon users in Japan were increasing at a rate of almost 10% each year.

Amazon Japan has had a major disruptive effect on the domestic E-commerce market since its arrival. Investing heavily in infrastructure over the last decade, it now has around 12 distribution centers and four Amazon Prime centers in the nation.

Japan is home to a number of online shopping events that are unique to the country. The summer months mark a spike in sales, when employees in Japan typically receive bonuses. During this period, luxury products, travel, and leisure items represent popular purchases. Other popular shopping days include White Day on March 14 and the Christmas holiday period. Black Friday is also gradually growing in prominence in Japan, with major domestic brands offering deals since 2016.

Across the year, key online shopping categories in Japan include travel, which takes a 37 percent share of total E-commerce spending, consumer electronics (20.7 percent) and furniture and household goods (12.8 percent). Cross-border spending accounts for 18 percent of total e-commerce,31 with China, the U.S. and Australia ranked as the top three overseas shopping destinations.

The most popular E-commerce sites in Japan are domestic player Rakuten, and international giants Yahoo! Shopping and Amazon Japan.

Amazon Japan has brought a huge upgrade to E-commerce within the country and we are so excited to be able to partner with them and become a part of their story.

Delivery in Japan is aided by the nation’s relatively small size, and well-developed logistics infrastructure. Drone delivery for e-commerce orders is being trialed by China’s and Japan’s Rakuten in a partnership.

Here at we are hugely concerned with making sure our international customers have a convenient and simple shopping experience with crypto. We see this as another significant integration onto our platform as we work towards building the future of global Crypto E-commerce.

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One purchase at a time.

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