initiates $ETH to $SHOP locking mechanism with +10% $SHOP Back
4 min readOct 18, 2022

-- has released a new feature to its membership platform, allowing users to become members of the platform with the use of $ETH directly.

Paired with the launch of the $SHOP token, released its revamped membership platform that facilitates the locking of its newly released token in exchange for access to one of five membership plans(Asteroid, Moon, Planet, Star, and Galaxy). These membership plans offer a variety of platform benefits such as $SHOP Back rewards, airdrop rewards, and free international shipping depending on the membership level.

In an effort to make’s membership plans more accessible to its users, is launching a new feature to its platform today! This feature brings the utility of the platform’s “Buy Tokens” tool to the membership platform by giving users the option to buy $SHOP with $ETH, lock the $SHOP tokens in the membership contract, and become a member with three easy steps. To incentivize the use of this new feature, users will also be rewarded with 10% $SHOP Back on the amount of $ETH locked!

How to become a member with $ETH:

Step 1: After entering the Membership program page, click on the “Connect to Metamask” button and approve the connection through the Metamask popup window. Once connected your wallet analytics will be visible.

Step 2: After ensuring that you are on the $ETH version of the page, input the desired amount of $ETH you wish to convert. The amount needed to lock to access each membership tier is visible when cycling through the Analytics carousel on the left. (The value of your $ETH will be visible under the input box)

Step 3: Click “Convert $ETH to $SHOP” then confirm the transaction in the Metamask popup.

Step 4: Click “Approve”, click “Approve $SHOP” then confirm the transaction in the Metamask popup.

Step 5: Click “Lock” on the page then within the pop up in order to open the Metamask transaction window. Confirm the transaction in the Metamask popup.

Step 6: Congratulations you have successfully joined the membership program using your $ETH. Your membership tier benefits will come into effect immediately and your 10% SHOP Back reward will be sent to your connected wallet within 8 business days.

Terms and Conditions:
- Liquidity for this feature will be added at’s discretion with a limited amount being supplied each event.
- The ability to utilize the feature will come on a first come first serve basis, lasting until the supplied liquidity has been drained
- In order to be eligible for membership benefits and increased $SHOP rewards, the wallet connected to the membership platform must be identical to the wallet connected to your account.
- The minimum locking period of your tokens and length of your membership plan benefits is three months.
- $SHOP rewards will be sent within 8 business days

Disclaimer: By utilizing the converter you understand and agree that you are converting your $ETH to $SHOP and that this process is irreversible on the platform. Furthermore, you understand, acknowledge and agree that you have made the decision freely and without coercion, duress, or undue influence, including but not limited to financial need or investment advice of others. You understand, acknowledge and agree that supplies may vary tremendously based on supply and demand of the $SHOP token, $ETH, or applicable market factors which cannot be controlled by, its parent companies or affiliates and that by converting your tokens you are utilizing them for a consumptive purpose on and not as an investment device of any sort. Void where prohibited. Subject to change without notice.

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