has successfully launched the $SHOP token!

What is $SHOP?

$SHOP functions as’s native token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and serves as a utility token within the ecosystem. $SHOP provides numerous benefits which greatly encourage users to utilize the platform. These benefits include increased $SHOP back rewards, FREE international shipping and additional discounts with its use as a form of payment.

Pre-Launch Preparations

Prior to taking on the monumental feat of merging two tokens from two different blockchains, had a lot of preparations to undertake; these preparations were not only centered around the technical aspect of the merge, but to also inform $G/SPI’s holders about the upcoming occurrences. began this process by first asking $G/SPI holders their opinions on the merger via a community poll. Following the polls landslide win for those in favor of the merger with a 97% approval rate, how had the go ahead to move forward with its launch plans.

Launch Day:

September 9th had arrived and the stakes were high as the entire team had been working full force to bring its launch day plans to fruition. had also published an article a few days prior, detailing the AMA Marathon that was scheduled to take place throughout the day as well as the timeline for the snapshot and airdrop.

$SHOP Back Event:

When created $SHOP, a goal had been set to create a token that could be obtained not only by means of an exchange but also through the use of the platform. This method of obtaining $SHOP is in turn designed to incentivize the growth of the community and to allow the token to more closely reflect the success of the platform. To further facilitate the adoption of $SHOP through the use of the platform, giving shoppers the opportunity to earn an additional 20% $SHOP Back on all orders.



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