$SHOP launch date Twitter spaces


The goal of this Twitter spaces was to highlight the details of Shopping.io’s new site feature (an SPI/SHOP acquisition portal), as well as to announce the long awaited launch of the $SHOP token.

New Shopping.io feature and $SHOP launch event:

Shopping.io’s CEO Arbel Arif began by announcing the immediate launch of Shopping.io’s in-house SPI/SHOP acquisition portal, allowing users to purchase SPI/SHOP directly through Shopping.io’s website. This announcement came paired with the beginning of Shopping.io’s Pre $SHOP launch event, where users will be rewarded with 20% SHOP back on SPI purchased using the new Shopping.io feature as well as being refunded any gas fees used in the purchasing process.

This feature is currently serving as a testing platform for a proposed future Shopping.io on/off ramp therefore there will be a limited amount of liquidity available per week. Shopping.io is currently in the process of acquiring a custodial exchange license in Cyprus, this being instead of the previously mentioned purchasing of an Estonian exchange. This feature is the next step in the construction of a complete crypto ecommerce ecosystem.

Click here for more information about the rewards and eligibility for the Pre SHOP launch event.

SPI & GSPI merge:

Arbel Arif went on to announce the official minimum starting airdrop prices of $SPI and $GSPI, these being $7 and $2 respectively. Meaning that at the time of the $SHOP launch, the new token will be distributed to G/SPI holders at the aforementioned rates if their price is still below these values.

Click here for more information on how to prepare for the merging of G/SPI and the SHOP token launch.

$SHOP Launch:

The official SHOP Token launch date has been set for 09/09/2022 with a token price of $0.1 and initial total supply of 100 million tokens. Prior to the token migration, all G/SPI liquidity will be pulled from Uniswap and PancakeSwap and will be injected into the new $SHOP smart contract in order to facilitate $SHOP trading. G/SPI will be delisted from Gate.io, MXC and KUCOIN prior to the airdrop, all delisting dates will be announced closer to their date.

The launch of the SHOP token will come with a wave of fresh marketing both for the token and for the kickstarting of Shopping.io’s new SHOP back system. Shoppers will be able to earn $SHOP with every purchase made through the web extension as well as locking $SHOP to receive greater rewards within the ecosystem.

Shopping.io Ecosystem:

Between now and the launch of the SHOP token, Shopping.io is planning to launch the rest of its ecosystem. This includes the Shopping.io web extension, New Shopping.io website, and company rebranding.

Click here to read about the new Shopping.io Ecosystem as well as $SHOP’s Tokenomics.

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