Revolutionizing Charitable Giving with and with Crypto
3 min readOct 26, 2023


A Pioneering Partnership That Transforms Crypto into Compassion

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the power of blockchain technology extends beyond just financial transactions., a leading e-commerce platform that enables users to purchase goods from major retailers using cryptocurrencies, has partnered with to revolutionize charitable giving. This innovative collaboration brings together the world of online shopping and philanthropy, paving the way for a new era of crypto-driven compassion.

The Emergence of is a pioneering platform that enables users to effortlessly donate a wide range of cryptocurrencies to over 2,000 non-profit organizations. It’s a game-changing tool that redefines charitable giving in the digital age. Through this revolutionary widget, users can seamlessly support charitable causes using various cryptocurrencies, making it convenient and accessible for anyone interested in contributing to worthy initiatives.

Introducing The Crypto Shopper’s Paradise, established in December 2020, emerged from the vision of its CEO and founder, Arbel Arif. Arbel embarked on his crypto journey in 2016 as a trading and crypto enthusiast. With significant experience and connections in the e-commerce industry, he recognized a significant problem in the crypto space — the ability to use cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. This realization was the spark that ignited the creation of

Donorship Meets A Match Made in the Blockchain

The partnership between and signifies a union of two cutting-edge platforms, each harnessing the potential of blockchain technology in a distinct way. is a remarkable step forward in the world of charitable donations, offering a solution for cryptocurrency holders who are passionate about giving back. Users can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies and make seamless contributions to their preferred non-profit organizations, all through an easy-to-implement widget.

Unlocking the Power of Crypto for Good

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the innovation that comes with the on-chain affiliate program. This program allows platform owners to earn a percentage of every donation made on their platform, directly on-chain. Essentially, it’s a plugin that any website can integrate to offer users the opportunity to donate to thousands of non-profit organizations with crypto.

In a world where cryptocurrencies are often viewed through the lens of financial assets and investments, this collaboration shifts the narrative. It demonstrates how cryptocurrencies can be harnessed for social impact, bridging the gap between the blockchain world and philanthropy.

A New Chapter in Giving: The and Partnership

The partnership between and is a testament to the growing role of cryptocurrencies in various aspects of our lives. It signifies the fusion of technology, commerce, and compassion, with crypto enthusiasts and users at the heart of it all.

As these two platforms join forces, they create a new chapter in the story of giving and e-commerce. It’s an opportunity for crypto holders to not only make purchases online but also to contribute to causes they’re passionate about, directly through the power of blockchain technology.

In the spirit of community, compassion, and crypto, this partnership opens doors for everyone to become a part of a movement that extends beyond digital assets, transforming them into tangible acts of goodwill.

It’s a celebration of the unique potential of blockchain to drive positive change, showcasing that crypto isn’t just about financial investments; it’s about making the world a better place — one crypto transaction at a time.

Join the movement. Start shopping with purpose today, go to and look for the the “Donate Crypto” widget on the Home Page:

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Disclaimer: This article does not constitute financial or investment advice. It is for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and subject to market risks.