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2 min readJun 6, 2022

-- is strengthening its connections with the biggest names in the crypto space! We are teaming up with the one and only Binance to bring shoppers the opportunity to earn up to 5 BUSD on every order on began its journey with Binance on July 19 2021 with the addition of Binance Pay to the platform. In the months following Binance Pay became one of the most used payment processors on Now, has been given the opportunity to promote Binance’s BUSD voucher campaign. This event will allow shoppers to earn up to 5 BUSD on every order fulfilled through Binance Pay on

Here at we have a very clear idea of how we want ecommerce to look in the future, as well as a plan on how to achieve it. We believe in giving users the ability to buy Anything with Anything and our collaboration with Binance Pay is a crucial step in that direction. welcomes the integration of safe and reliable payment processors in order to expand its payment accessibility giving users a seamless online shopping experience, all under one roof.

Binance’s BUSD voucher event will begin on 19/05/2022 and will run until 30/06/2022 during this time any payments on processed through Binance Pay can earn up to $5 in BUSD vouchers.

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