Pre-$SHOP Launch Event
2 min readAug 5, 2022


We are officially counting down the launch of the $SHOP token with a new feature! Now for a limited time you can earn pre-$SHOP launch rewards by purchasing $SPI directly from

The Importance

As we enter into a new era of, we want to continue building out our vision as an all inclusive ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of crypto e-commerce. This means anything that you can and need to do with $SHOP can all be done through which also includes the ability to purchase our new token. This feature was created to facilitate the onboarding of $SHOP token holders onto our platform and to provide a quick, convenient way to purchase our token directly from’s website.


To celebrate the birth of our new ecosystem, will be hosting a month long event where users will be rewarded with 20% $SHOP Back on SPI purchased using this new feature!

Not only will users be rewarded for using this new feature but they will also be refunded any gas fees that were used in the purchasing process. Gas fee refunds will be in Ethereum and will be airdropped weekly.

On $SHOP’s launch date, users will be airdropped their portion of $SHOP alongside the event rewards.

Reward Requirements/Eligibility

Users will only be eligible for the event rewards if:

Ineligibility will occur if:

  • User decides to withdraw or transfer out SPI that is below the amount that which was bought through’s website.

Further Details

This feature will contain a limited amount of liquidity each week all the way up to the date of the $SHOP token launch. Doing such will help’s development team observe the functionalities of this feature in a controlled manner for future add-ons and improvements.

This new feature is accessible through the “Buy Tokens” tab as well the “BUY SHOP” section on the new website

Future Plans has plans to develop this feature further by providing users with the ability to purchase $SHOP using fiat. This will inevitably provide non crypto users with easy access to the ecosystem.

This feature is yet another stepping stone in a long line of developments leading to a one stop shop for everything crypto.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming $SHOP token and how you can be ready for its airdrop.

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