Polygon works with Shopping.io to integrate $MATIC as a form of payment

2 min readOct 4, 2022

Shopping.io is integrating $MATIC as a form of payment on its platform as well as offering a 2% discount for the first thirty days and free shipping for the first seven with every use of the token.

From October 4th, $MATIC will be added to Shopping.io’s payment processor; Shopping Pay, allowing holders to purchase goods through some of the world’s biggest retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Home Depot. This integration offers $MATIC another unique utility outside the realm of its own chain, providing the token with another layer to its intrinsic value and encouraging more widespread collaborations.

Polygon is a layer two chain that operates parallel to the Ethereum blockchain, providing a solution to the scalability issues of the Ethereum network. Polygon allows for speedy transactions and low fees all while maintaining the ability to create smart contracts, dApps, games and more. Polygon began its journey in 2017 as MATIC (Hence the name of the token) followed by three years of development and vigorous testing that culminated in the launch of their Mainnet. At the start of 2021 Polygon had two major developments that aided the networks widespread adoption as well as putting its native token — $MATIC in the limelight. The first being its announcement of a $150 million fund with the objective of bringing the benefits of DeFi, farming and lending to a larger user base. The second was an investment by billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban. This investment paired with Cubans celebrity persona launched the Polygon network to the forefront of the crypto space, cementing the company’s status alongside its predecessor, Ethereum.

Polygon is now adding further utility to its token with its integration on Shopping.io. $MATIC will now be available as a form of payment on the platform. This combined with the benefits offered from holding Shopping.io’s native token ($SHOP), will afford $MATIC holders the opportunity to save money on all their online orders. Shoppers will also enjoy having orders shipped from locations otherwise unavailable if not for Shopping.io’s in house fulfilment service.

Shopping.io is currently in the process of releasing ShoppingPay (Its publicly available payment processor) and its Web extension. Following these developments, $MATIC will not only be available through the previously mentioned retailers but through any retail website compatible with Shopping.io’s platforms.

Shopping.io is constantly striving to increase its sphere of influence in the crypto and e-commerce spaces and believes that token integrations and project collaborations are vital components to its success.

Shopping.io envisions a future where people have the flexibility to buy anything with everything.

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