We are now opening up our community event sign ups which we will be on our discord!


With that being said our first community event is POKER ,and it will be held on 5/19/2021 this Wednesday at 6 P.M EST!

With Poker Sign up's that have just begun! Check out our new event channels! Please read Poker rules/guide before signing up ,and look forward to the many community events we will be having in the future! (Poker Sign up's end three/four hours before the Poker Tournament begins!)

1) 1,500$
2) 350$
3) 150$

All of our events will never cost anything ,and we will be giving out 3,000 USDT every week in fun community events!

With that being said we have an OSU Tournament on Friday 6 P.M EST! More information will be out tomorrow ,and put on our event channel!