Introducing Shopping Credits: A simple way to save on gas fees
3 min readFeb 4, 2022


It is no secret that gas fees can be one of the biggest hurdles when conducting transactions on the blockchain and, while those cannot be avoided (yet), we definitely think that they can be improved. This is where the Shopping Credits by come in with a straightforward solution: a single transaction of a bundle of Shopping Credits allows you to make multiple purchases, hence you only get charged once for gas fees.

Regardless of how big or small, every transaction executed on the blockchain encumbers you with a gas fee. The cost can shift based on traffic and in some cases, they can cost more than the actual crypto amount you want to spend.

Shopping Credits are available in bundles that range between $15 and $1,000. When purchasing Shopping Credits, you are basically performing a single transaction to purchase a bundle of spendable credit, thus saving money on gas fees (i.e. the fee required for the value of the Shopping Credits). Once the transaction is complete, the remaining value of the credits (in USD) will remain within your account, allowing you to conduct as many purchases as you like with your remaining balance on any of the e-commerce hubs available on, without getting charged any additional gas fees.

Despite its phenomenal growth, real-life use of cryptocurrencies is minimal with gas fees adding one more layer to the already complex process of converting crypto to fiat currency, or simply making use of it. Since first launching the blockchain-based e-commerce platform in late 2020, has made its mission to consistently offer crypto owners a smooth and straightforward way to make practical use of their assets.

Shopping Credits were a natural next step in offering shoppers a top-of-the-line unified marketplace that combines all major e-commerce industry players under one website and enables digital assets to be used as payment methods for purchases from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Home Depot.

How to Buy Shopping Credits & Top Up Your Account -

1. Register for a free account at or choose from our Dynamic or VIP plans to save even more money.

2. Purchase the desired amount of Shopping Credits below and only pay blockchain gas fees once.

3. A coupon code will be sent to your email.

4. Add the coupon code to your account, under gift cards and click ‘Add to your account’, to top up your credits and start shopping! No gas fee will be charged until you run out of credits

5. Top up any time and keep saving!

Get your Shopping Credits now and start saving on gas fees as soon as your next purchase.

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