Easter Giveaway Contest 🐰 10,000 $SHOP for the winners!

Happy Easter Shoppers!!! We have 10,000 $SHOP to Giveaway! Let your creativity and artistic ingenuity bloom! Showcase your egg painting together with Shopping.io Logo, submit for the contest and maybe win some $SHOP!

2 min readMar 27, 2023


  • Use chicken eggs only.
  • You can use paint, water color, colored pens/ pencils, ink, pastel or mixed media, Ai whatever you can think of…✈
  • Your design must include the official Shopping.io logo!
  • On a piece of paper, write your username and the date that you submitted your artwork. Take a picture of the painted egg using the paper as backdrop.
  • Submit your painting image on Shopping.io Discord account: https://bit.ly/3nqkUwt #egg-painting-contest-2023 then comment your image on @shopping_io Twitter account using the same hashtag.
  • Don’t forget to follow and share your comment
Submission Example

👉 Only 1 entry per shopper is allowed. Anyone using multiple accounts to submit several entries will be disqualified.

We will have 4 winners:

First Prize: 5,000 $SHOP

Second Prize: 3,500 $SHOP

Third Prize : 1,000 $SHOP

Fourth Prize : 500 $SHOP

Deadline for submission of entries is on April 9, 12 PM UTC. Announcement of winners will be on April 10th!

Good luck!!!

Disclaimer — Shopping.io will have 2 weeks time to reward the winners.

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