Earn up to 50% $SHOP Back this Crypto Tuesday with Shopping.io

On November 29th, Shopping.io will initiate its second ‘Crypto Tuesday’ event.

Right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Crypto Tuesday! A day where all shoppers can enjoy up to 50% $SHOP BACK on every purchase they make! Crypto Tuesday began as a way for Shopping.io to celebrate the use of crypto as a form of payment, and to reward the pioneers already doing so with major discounts and platform benefits. This year’s Crypto Tuesday event will function differently to 2021’s event in that the discounts have been replaced with $SHOP Back incentives who’s percentages have drastically risen!

First of all users will need to create a Shopping.io account, this can be done on the Shopping.io homepage. Once signed up and logged in, users will be able to continue their crypto ecommerce journey; adding items to their cart from some of the world’s most popular retailers, and checking out with over 200 different tokens!

Once on the checkout page, Users need only input the code* ‘CRYPTOTUESDAY’ in the ‘Gift Code’ box and a 20% $SHOP Back reward will be added to the order. Users will receive their $SHOP tokens in Shopping.io’s weekly rewards airdrop.

Every Shopping.io user automatically receives 1% $SHOP Back on all orders as a part of the free Asteroid membership package. This baseline $SHOP Back percentage can be increased all the way up to 20% with the use of Shopping.io’s membership program! These increased percentages are stackable with Shopping.io’s Crypto Tuesday $SHOP Back bonus allowing shoppers to reach up to 50% $SHOP Back on their order.

Galaxy Membership plan (20%) + Crypto Tuesday Code (20%) + Hold a Shopverse NFT (5%) + Pay with a listed* token (5%) = 50% $SHOP Back

  • Asteroid: 1% $SHOP Back
  • Moon: 3% $SHOP Back
  • Planet: 5 $SHOP Back
  • Star: 10 $SHOP Back
  • Galaxy: 20% $SHOP Back

Click here for more information about Shopping.io’s Membership plans.

*Code: The CRYPTOTUESDAY Gift Code is usable only once per user and will only be active on November 29th.

*Listed: Listed tokens refers to tokens that are a part of Shopping.io’s Crypto Tuesday collaborations. A list of relevant tokens will be published prior to the event date.

Shopping.io was established in December 2020 and was founded by drop-shipping veterans with a vision to change how we make purchases with crypto.

Shopping.io gives you the ability to make purchases seamlessly online with your favourite cryptocurrencies and enjoy exclusive rewards on the platform, along with a variety of token specific discounts.

$SHOP is Shopping.io’s native token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and serves as a utility token within the Shopping.io ecosystem. $SHOP provides numerous benefits which greatly encourage users to utilize the Shopping.io ecosystem. Some token benefits include increased $SHOP back rewards and FREE international shipping.

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