Shopping.io - Los Angeles, CA the premier crypto E-commerce platform will donate $50,000 to eToro’s flagship corporate social responsibility project GoodDollar, a non-profit initiative that distributes free crypto-based universal basic income (UBI) as part of its mission to onboard and educate the next billion digital assets users.

Shopping.io’s $50,000 donation will be used to support the blockchain-based fund that sustainably mints and distributes digital basic income every day to more than 250,000 members in over 180 countries. GoodDollar stands apart for its scalable and sustainable approach to generating a crypto-based UBI, that leverages the principles of impact investing to enable financial supporters to earn rewards while using their crypto for good to fund a social project. Shopping.io’s $50,000 donation will be locked in the sustainable donation basic income fund, a smart contract that donates with all earned interest donated back to beneficiaries as basic income. This makes Shopping.io’s one-time gift a “sustainable donation” that will be used to create digital basic income, in crypto-asset GoodDollar (G$), forever. Shopping.io is the first company to make a philanthropic donation to support the GoodDollar protocol: all funds will be used to fortify the basic income fund that benefits GoodDollar members, and not for operational expenses.

Starting June 4th, GoodDollar members will also be able to spend their G$ tokens on Shopping.io’s E-commerce platform and make Amazon (US, UK, CA + DE), Ebay, and Walmart purchases using them. Through Shopping.io, GoodDollar members will now be able to use their GoodDollar tokens to shop for basic necessities and everyday items, marking a key milestone for the project and its members. Now, those who benefit the most from GoodDollar’s daily basic income can spend their GoodDollars on basic needs items such as home or food supplies on Shopping.io’s platform. The GoodDollar and Shopping.io collaboration has multiple synergies, with the $50,000 donation functioning to mint more GoodDollars, which then can be used on Shopping.io’s platform.

“We are honored that the team at Shopping.io has recognized the critical role GoodDollar plays in advancing the digital assets market and onboarding millions of new users who otherwise would be left behind. We are gratified by their generous donation, which will be used to fund free digital currency for generations to come,” said Yoni Assia, GoodDollar Founder and co-founder and CEO of eToro.com. “My hope is that it inspires other crypto-philanthropists, entrepreneurs and companies to use their crypto to advance more economic empowerment for all,” he said.

The collaboration offers Shopping.io a unique introduction to the larger ecosystem of eToro and its customers, while doing good for GoodDollar’s members and the digital asset ecosystem at large. “We loved what GoodDollar was doing and wanted to help in any way we could, so we decided on this impact-driven model which I believe will bring a lot of benefit to both sides,” said Arbel Arif, Founder and CEO of Shopping.io.

With a shared vision that e-commerce and consumption are critical pathways to drive crypto adoption towards the mainstream, Shopping.io and GoodDollar are thrilled to announce this partnership which has the potential to financially benefit the spending power of millions across the globe.

About GoodDollar

GoodDollar.org is a non-profit initiative driven to advance financial education and empowerment in digital assets. It does this through advocacy of the GoodDollar protocol, which creates a free stream of digital currency that can be accessed by any person with a smartphone. eToro has financed the GoodDollar initiative as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, and its overall vision to make all asset classes accessible to more people across the globe. The project was founded by Yoni Assia, the Co-founder, and CEO of eToro, the social investment platform with over 20 million registered users.

About Shopping.io

Shopping.io is the first international crypto e-commerce onboarding and fulfillment service.

We are the bridge behind crypto and retail. Have the freedom in how you pay when you shop online using your favorite crypto currencies on the Shopping.io platform.

We are the only company in crypto that allows you to purchase from major e-commerce hubs on a global scale while revolutionizing how you purchase online with your Crypto.

We believe in the power of giving the Crypto industry absolute freedom when it comes to E-commerce. Have the power to choose how you spend your Crypto with Shopping.io

To enjoy discounts and free international shipping you can purchase with Shopping.io native tokens $SPI and $GSPI. Both $SPI and $GSPI are utility tokens. https://beta.shopping.io/foundation

This partnership marks a huge step forward between Shopping.io and the eToro ecosystem as we look forward to paying it forward to men and women in need worldwide.



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