🏆Come Join on Trivia Night/Poker Night and get a chance to win exciting USDT prizes🏆

There will be a Trivia Night in Main Telegram chat on May 25th 8 P.M EST!

(All are welcome to join. The prize goes to the first person who can answer three questions the fastest with the correct answer! No need for sign ups just show up and answer!)

Telegram chat - https://t.me/shoppingio

Trivia Night Prize-
🥇 500 USDT

(There is no buy in for the poker night ,and it’s free!)

Poker Prizes -
🥇1,500 USDT
🥈250 USDT
🥉125 USDT

Finally on May 28th at 10 P.M EST We will be hosting our first legendary Runescape lvl 3 tournament!
( More information will be put on our discord tomorrow)

Runescape Prize -

🥇500 USDT

Be sure to join our Discord Server for sign ups and more info!



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