Transparency is a cornerstone value of We are striving to give you the best updates, juicy details and hints with every AMA!

Big shoutout to @ABGraff for the summary!

We want to hire our future Office Manager, get in touch if interested! (Experience is a big plus. US based only)


There is a whitepaper in the works! This will be a thorough description of, the concept, the background details and anything a person or company might need to get familiar with our amazing project!


Easier and more attractive staking!

NEW SPI.CLUB V2 and GSPI.CLUB to come!

2% Entrance and Exit Fee for each platform to promote new stakers to join.

The old SPI.CLUB will remain as it is.

The staking contracts are audited by Certik

NB! For any new (the last month) accidental SPI.CLUB stakers paying the 10% entrance fee: You can request to have the fees returned to you. Support email to come!

2.0 Platform:

A complete renewal is coming

Huge updates to 2.0 will be announced withing August.

New Theme

New Contents

A Fresh revamp of 2.0!

CoinMaker / Integrations:

We have hired a Listing Manager.

MSI, a previous VIP community member is onboard and leading negotiations with new projects wanting to list with

Already 7000 people voted for this week’s coins and the activity in their respective communities have been massive!

When voting you can now sign up for the brand-new Newsletter and from the current Coinmaker we already have 300 signups!

We have new projects EVERY DAY wanting to integrate with Coinmaker and!

Enjin and Uniqly related integrations to come!

We have a new theme of coins for Coinmaker each week!

We are planning to reconnect with previously onboarded projects to engage with their communities more in the future!

GSPI Lock:

Almost 10 000 GSPI is locked up on Team.Finance for 1year! That is 1% of the entire GSPI supply!

More GSPI to be locked up as it will be required for companies who want to be a part of our community, governance system and business!

More news to come and much more GSPI to be locked in the future!


“We are putting more into marketing than ever before!”

The marketing we have in store is more than we have ever done before!

Influencers on Twitter, You-Tube and Tik-Tok from all over the world will help reach the global crypto communities from all regions of the world!

A lot is ready to go and waiting for the right market conditions.

A NEWSLETTER has been launched!

We are full of ideas on how to connect businesses and expand our marketing! More exciting news and announcements to come!

Community Events :

Poker nights are more popular than ever!

We are looking to integrate partner communities in our events!

More details to come.

CoinPaprika + CryptoCompare:

We are doing a marketing campaign with CoinPaprika and Cryptocompare!

To launch in 7 days!

Both websites see millions of users per month.

“Buy with crypto” button to come on CryptoCompare!

CoinGecko and DexTools :

Spicy stuff to come next ama

Binance Secret Feature :

This is something unique that no other crypto project is doing with Binance!

This is special! And no.. it is not a listing.. yet

A feature is under development which will be announced more within the month.

Mobile App Discussion:

A team has been hired to develop out mobile app!

There will be apps separate for IOS and ANDROID

Shopping Marketplace – In development:

Imagine anyone being able to sell their items like it was on Etsy or Ebay, but on!

KYC will be used as a cornerstone of a crypto-marketplace.

These items sold by smaller vendors will be visible when searching the main page of as well! Items sold can be anything from NFTs to real life items.

An easy way for smaller businesses to onboard to our platform.

GSPI and SPI will be required to hold to open a store.

Auctions – In development:

Payment will be in SPI, GSPI and a few other coins.

A GSPI or SPI holding requirement might be implemented to be able to participate.

Every auction will start at 1USD

Domains – In development:

We are getting into the Domain-name industry!

If you hold SPI or GSPI we will offer discounts on Domain names!

This will promote more holders of SPI and GSPI

Concierge –

Private Beta to come! – See old AMA – Summary for in depth details

Private BETA to come for GSPI and SPI VIPs to come.

A live special website and chat to come.

Our goal is to facilitate almost any request or purchase!

You will need to hold some SPI and GSPI to gain access.

Concierge business Summary: The future of

Buying from Cosco, buying pizza, buying planetickets and much much more through

Open 24hrs a day for VIPs initially.

For VIPs, you can pay for anything you want with SPI and GSPI through this service.

24/7 Live Service where VIPs can buy just about anything.

To be eligible for these services you must hold something in the ballpark of 15 000$ value in SPI or GSPI.

This is potentially a HUGE use-case for SPI and GSPI. Nobody else does this!

Example: You want to book a hotel so you contact the concierge business, and they will manage the order and booking for you and you can pay in GSPI or SPI.

This service could be used to pay for anything in other tokens as well, but to be eligible for the service SPI and GSPI is required!

AML / Legal –

If you want to do business with the big actors in Crypto you have to be 100% on legal!

We are planning for future regulations to come!

We are in cooperation with AntiMoneyLaundering and KYC experts to allow to stand any regulation that might impact the crypto markets!

2 MAJOR features to come:

We are working with Sardine.AI and Coinbase-Analytics to be prepared with KYC and AML efforts on our platform to make sure we are safe and work despite coming regulations!


AliExpress Is ready to launch whenever we want, and we want to do it with a BANG!

The bottom line, AliExpress will be on! Business:

The development side is already done.

You need to hold GSPI to get a discount.

The volume here can be massive!

What remaining is legal-matters to ensure that we have the right policies and KYC required to facilitate big actors.

Binance Pay + Coinbase Commerce:

We are doing payment processing with both companies.

Binance will bring their users! They can use their app to buy items on

Coinbase users will also be aware that they can use their wallets to pay on

Marketing to come soon with both actors within August!

Cars & Luxury Goods:

KYC can allow for more expensive luxury items on

We are going to be working with additional companies to onboard their items in the future.

CEX “Everybody loves CEX!”

We want to be on Binance and Coinbase!

We will do everything it takes to be on both platforms!

Our development ongoing with both parties are the right steps on the way.

GSPI Voting:

We are looking for people to be able to stake while being able to vote with GSPI.

This will be implemented!

GSPI Lock up :

We have 110 000USD being negotiated to be locked up on our platform.

Today that would lock up almost 20k GSPI which means almost 2% the GSPI pool being locked up for 365 days!

And we are just beginning..





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