📢Breaking News from Shopping.io

Shopping Pay!

We are proud to announce that we are in the process of acquiring a Centralized Exchange for the future development of one of our core products called Shopping Pay!

Binance and Shopping.io -

We are in the process of being included in the main Binance mobile App!

Shopping Loyalty POINTS Program -

We are in the process of developing a secret “Shopping Loyalty POINTS Program” where shoppers and holders will earn points for every referral or purchase on Shopping.io!

Referrals are the future of Shopping.io as we grow our audience and our platform worldwide!

#CryptoTuesday -

Get Up to 50% discounts on all items! November 30th, Save the date Sign up

Shopping.io NFT -

Coming soon…

Binance Pay X Shopping.io -

For the next 14 days until #CryptoTuesday, Nov 30th you’ll receive FREE international shipping when checking out with Binance Pay

#CryptoTuesday Giveaway

Win an iPhone 13 in 13 days!

To participate - CLICK HERE




Shop online with your favorite cryptocurrencies at Shopping.io!

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Shop online with your favorite cryptocurrencies at Shopping.io!

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