Los Angeles, CA Shopping.io and StormX, two leading crypto platforms, have come together to offer users the ability to spend their $STMX on major ecommerce sites like Amazon (US, UK, CA + DE), Ebay, Walmart, etc.

This partnership gives Shopping.io (SPI) the opportunity to be introduced to a new audience as a bridge between crypto and ecommerce.

Starting today, May 7, $STMX holders will be able to make purchases on popular ecommerce sites like Amazon (US, UK, Canada, and Germany), Ebay, Walmart, and more all thanks to Shopping.io’s crypto onboarding platform.

StormX token holders will also receive a 2%…

* Weekly airdrops
* Liquidity Fee a rewards will now be given to GSPI stakers.
* No limit to GSPI staking amounts
* Last three weeks of liquidity rewards will be airdropped ONLY to stakers. This airdrop happens tomorrow.
* Duration based staking rewards are in effect. Visit Shopping.io/gspi to participate.

🌟Kucoin GSPI staking is now live!

* 15% APY
* Time limited staking pool for 30 days
* Cappped at 40,000 GSPI
* Visit Kucoin.com for more details.


Roadmap and plans for MAY!

Important Announcement !

🛍Shopping.io 2.0 —
🛍MAJOR partnership with one of the biggest companies in Crypto ( currently under NDA ) —
🛍Staking 2.0 coming to reward duration based staking! —
🛍Kucoin Staking — ( GSPI )
🛍GSPI Staking
🛍 Shopping ( US ) version
🛍Etsy integration
🛍We are integrating Chinese wholesale onto our platform as well.
🛍Major goal this month is to add cars onto our platform for EU based customers only.
🛍Charity partnership with one of the biggest companies in Crypto. ( not Dogecoin )
🛍 $DOGE car auction
🛍 YouTube influencer marketing
🛍 TikTok Marketing
🛍 New community events
🛍 Crypto Community AMA tour
🛍 Still working on top 5 CEX

And so much more!

This is only the beginning.


Los Angeles, CA — Cryptocurrency E-commerce company Shopping.io has partnered with the crypto gaming giant, Ultra, to pave the way for a future where gamers can spend their in-game earnings on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and more.

Starting today, April 29, Ultra (UOS) holders will be able to make purchases on popular ecommerce sites like Amazon (US, UK, Canada, and Germany), Ebay, Walmart, and more all thanks to Shopping.io’s crypto onboarding platform.

Ultra (UOS)Token users will be able to make purchases on these sites using UOS tokens to get 2% Discount.

Shopping.io and Ultra are each uniquely changing the world with their use cases.

SPI is the only international crypto on-boarding platform which allows its users to spend their cryptocurrencies…

Shopping.io is proud to announce that our partnership with Transak has gone live!

With Transak you are able to purchase SPI with your debit card, credit card, or bank transfer in a simple and innovative process.

This is absolutely huge moving forward!

Go give them some love at Transak.com 💫


Crypto.com x Shopping.io Partnership

Shopping.io is teaming up with Crypto.com to bring you the next generation of Crypto E-commerce solutions!

This collaboration will engage both of our communities as we provide exclusive benefits and rewards to Crypto.com users!

For the next month -- there will be an additional 5% stacking discount for every order that is processed through Crypto.com Pay.

Crypto.com will also be engaging in an additional instant 5-10% cashback rebate in the form of CRO. when you purchase from Shopping.io using Crypto.com Pay!

This means you will receive an incredible discount exclusive to Crypto.com pay on top of an additional 20$ off any international purchase exclusive to Crypto.com users.

The future is Crypto E-commerce.

Give a warm welcome to Crypto.com!

Shopping.io Community!

We are ready to announce a partnership and collaboration this morning with one of the top 50 coins in Crypto-- Elrond! ( EGLD ) ⭐ 🛍

We will be engaging both of our communities with the news as we have EGLD integrated on our website as a form of payment here on Shopping.io. 🛍

We will also be collaborating closely with their team to bring the news to both of our communities! 🚀

This is huge! Welcome $EGLD Community! 🍻

⭐Shopping.io has partnered with $WORLD as we build the future of Crypto E-commerce!

With this partnership

🛍 We will be accepting $WORLD as a form of payment on Shopping.io.
🛍 We will be coordinating an AMA together as we introduce our partnership to the community.
🛍 We will be leveraging connections as we expand our reach and scale in Crypto E-commerce.
🛍 $WORLD will participate in Shopping.io VIPs staking pool for 5,000$ in $WORLD to be earned!

Check them out as we both build the world around Crypto E-commerce together!


USD plan values go live this week for Shopping.io

As mentioned earlier this week.

⭐3,000$ USD value of SPI - Maxed out value for 5% discount of SPI.

⭐1,500$ USD value of SPI - you would receive a 2.5% discount.

⭐6,000$ USD value of SPI qualified for the ADVANCED plan.

⭐Pro plan changes to 1,000 SPI+ and will be used as a concierge luxury shopping experience in the future.


We have a free plan that people can use. Plan discounts scale through our dynamic plan for as little as 1$ USD value in SPI.

The future is E-commerce🌐

These plans will be going live with updates this week as we celebrate our international shipping across all plans with a minimum of 1 SPI required.

Shopping.io has partnered with ELECTRONEUM( ETN ) while we are pioneering the world of crypto e-commerce!

We are looking forward to work alongside Electroneum as we leverage our connections and engage both of our communities! ⭐

Electroneum provides next generation access to marketplaces without the need of using a bank account.

They have been operating for several years and has surpassed over 4 million users on the ETN platform. 🔥🚀

They build frictionless solutions to engage businesses and individuals alike.

We are happy to be working with them moving forward!

ETN: 600M+ MC
Top 120.

Real world use case. ❤🌎


Shop online with your favorite cryptocurrencies at Shopping.io!

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