2021 Year’s Resolution and 2022 Plans

8 min readJan 18, 2022


SPI launched and Listed on Kucoin, Gate.io, Coingecko, Trust swap, Uniswap, Coinmarketcap etc

Our Native Token SPI as of today has 15K Holders! Our team couldn’t have imagined the growth and support for our Token and our platform. SPI has been Listed on Kucoin, gate.io, Coingecko, trust swap, Uniswap, Coinmarketcap, and more. Every Listing meant a significant step towards settling our token within the industry.

Launching of GSPI with business utilities

We launched a Business package on the shopping.io platform in order to cater better to an integral group that uses our platform, Businesses. Looking back at our roots of being dropshippers wanting to make a difference, we wanted to provide a service that made buying for your business on our platform more beneficial. Shopping.io hopes to benefit other dropshippers getting their goods online or Businesses who buy their office materials from websites we support on our platforms.

Twitter community has grown to 80K followers and the team got bigger — from 3 people to over 30

Over the year, our Twitter has grown to 80K followers! We are so happy to have such a great community supporting Shopping.io. You can find all updates about shopping.io on our Twitter page here [link]. That couldn’t have happened if our team wasn’t growing as well. Shopping.io has over 30 people supporting it right now and we started with 3!

Major PR crypto media coverage and major influencer collaborations

Shopping.io became a head-turner in the industry. Major Media in the crypto has covered our platform and its journey, and we couldn’t be more honoured. We are so ecstatic with all the coverage, so special thanks to crypto.com, bitcoin news, and coin telegraph for all they did.

We are also extremely proud of our collaborations with influencers like JRNY, Sheldon Evans, Bitboy Crypto, Ivan on Tech, all amazing people deserving of their following.

Integration of many payment processors like crypto.com pay, Binance pay, utrust, Coinbase & Paypal and integration of other tokens

If Shopping.io needs to be easily usable by people who own crypto, we chose correctly and decided to integrate major payment processors like crypto.com pay, Binance pay, utrust, Coinbase et, which allow any user to use what works for them. Recently we also understood that we could reach a market of people who don’t own crypto; that revelation came through our integration of PayPal.

Speaking for integrations, Shopping.io has also integrated as a form of payments, major names in the crypto industry like Shiba Inu, Ultra, Tron, Algorand, Fantom, Enjin, NEO and more, allowing their holders to use them and make their purchases through our website, giving them also unique discounts and other perks!

Fun nights with poker and trivia with big prizes pools

Our team has provided community poker nights on Discord. People in our community can have fun playing poker and playing trivia for prizes. It’s a way to connect with our community and express our gratitude for supporting us through this amazing journey.

Not limited just to the fun nights, staking in our tokens has rewarded over $200,000 in both GSPI and SPI, and we couldn’t be happier. On average, airdrops are released 2–3 times every month, and we like to provide updates on Twitter every time we do so.

Integration of all amazon regions HomeDepot, Walmart, and eBay

Shopping.io is extremely happy to know that the platform has expanded its utility to so many countries allowing millions of people the ability to buy their products with crypto. Through the year we’ve integrated all Amazon regions like UK, US, DE, FR, IN, BR, AU, JP plus eBay, Walmart and Home Depot, offering a huge spectrum of products to our customers.

Donation of $50K to GoodDollar

Shopping.io donated $50,000 to GoodDollar, which will be minted in G$ to support GoodDollar’s UBI recipients. $G is compatible with the shopping.io platform as a payment method at checkout. Arbel Arif, Shopping.io’s CEO and founder, in his words, “We loved what GoodDollar was doing and wanted to help in any way we could, so we decided on this impact-driven model, which I believe will bring a lot of benefit to both sides.”


Shopping.io has Operation Coinmaker contests as a way to engage various industry communities while streamlining adoption across the crypto space. In these contests, our communities have a say in which token get integrated into shopping.io as a payment method, through a voting process. Congrats to winners like Proton, Refinable, Swipe, and our two most recent ones through an incredulous tie, Landshare and Seedify.

Introduction of CryptoTuesday

CryptoTuesday, the holiday event of the year provided by our platform to be put next to days like Black Friday and CyberMonday. CyptoTuesday occurred on the 30th of Novermber and Shopping.io provided major discounts to anyone shopping on Shopping.io. Users could receive discounts up to 50% off their items at checkout. It was such a fantastic turnout, and we hope everyone who participated got as much enjoyment out of the event as we did.

NFT launch and Shopverse genesis — the first metaverse mall on Sandbox

Just as the industry develops, so do we. We launched the first line of NFT’s that combines and gives virtual and physical utilities to its holders. The Shopverse also represents one of the first steps in our involvement with the Metaverse. Our NFT holders will have some unique benefits in the Shopverse mall but until its official launch we started by giving free apparel merchandise to all of them!

Shopverse will be located in a very cool neighbourhood in the metaverse, next to Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki. The area is currently under development by our developers, and the shopping.io team expanded by adding professionals in the development industry to lead its production.

Xmas and New Years giveaways with over $60K prizes pool — including a Polaris slingshot

This holiday season, the shopping.io team came out with a fun raffle giveaway for NFT holders who participated. The prizes ranged from gaming accessories,10K USD, to the grand prize, a Polaris Slingshot. The prizes given away made up a prize pool of $60K; congratulations to all the winners!

Looking forward to 2022 with Shopping.io

The future is bright and full of exciting things for us at Shopping.io. We are evolving and growing and with that, the company vision is also actively evolving.

This means many new things are coming to Shopping.io. Some of them you may already know about, but others have not yet been announced. Let’s take a look at the many things we have upcoming with this year.

New Retailers

In targeting mainstream retail sources, we’re looking at building a lot more. We see the space and we see all the room that we can grow here. We will be more than just a platform for shopping with Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, or eBay. There are plans to add more retailers like AliExpress and online course providers like Udemy, where we will offer both physical and digital products.

Concierge Services

In addition to adding many new retailers and the ability to purchase physical and digital products, we are implementing a concierge service to the platform. This means if there are products you want and you cannot currently find them at Shopping.io, you will be able to request them through our concierge service and we will deliver them to your doorstep! This means you can pay with crypto, even at stores that don’t currently accept crypto.

Referral Program

Something else we are excited about implementing in 2022 is a referral program. You can earn benefits by inviting others to the platform. Users will be able to earn points when they bring friends and family to Shopping.io. These points can be redeemed for SPI, for real money, and more. Stay tuned for the official launch to learn more about how this referral program will work.

Site and Tech Upgrades

We also have some great tech upgrades coming, including a new, Web 3.0 platform, featuring upgraded UI/UX and backend, and also a mobile app to make it even easier to use Shopping.io on the go. Another product that we are working on is the live auctions! We’ll not reveal yet what the perks will be, but hold on it tight as it is going to be big!

Our Own Payment Processor

We’ll also have our own payment processor coming which can be utilized for other online stores and businesses. In addition to using this payment processor on our site, we want to reach out to other businesses related to the crypto industry and offer our payment processor as a checkout option on those sites as well.

This unique payment processor will have Smart Tools enabled to help identify if there is a risk in the transaction, so the owner of the store knows about it. This is currently not offered by other online coin payment processors so we will be unique in this aspect.

More Transparency and Updates

In order to provide more transparency to the community, we’ll also be sharing more stats and data. You can follow our social channels and our Telegram to stay up to date on things like this. We will also be hosting AMAs where you can come to ask questions or learn more about what’s happening behind-the-scenes at Shopping.io.

We hope that you now have a better perspective about what will happen with Shopping.io in 2022 and that you will continue to stick around with us as we grow and expand in all of these exciting areas.

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