20% SHOP Back on all Orders to Celebrate $SHOP Launch

What is $SHOP?

$SHOP Launch Event

What do I do with my $SHOP?

How to withdraw $SHOP

  1. Login to your Shopping.io account
  2. Go to the ‘Rewards’ tab under ‘Personal Dashboard’
  3. Scroll to the ‘Pending withdrawals’ section
  4. Identify which $SHOP rewards you would like to withdraw ($SHOP Back/Membership/NFT Staking/Leaderboard)
  5. Click withdraw under your desired withdrawal tab
  6. Enter the amount of $SHOP you wish to withdraw and confirm your correct wallet address within the pop up.


  • In order to receive $SHOP rewards Shoppers must place orders while logged in to their Shopping.io account. Orders placed via a guest login will not be eligible for $SHOP back rewards.
  • In order to refund an order, users will need to have the same amount of $SHOP in their Shopping.io account as they initially received from the purchase.

Launch date AMA

$SHOP Staking Giveaways



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