20% SHOP Back on all Orders to Celebrate $SHOP Launch

3 min readSep 3, 2022


Following months of development and testing, Shopping.io is excited to finally release its new native token — $SHOP!

The $SHOP token will launch on September 9th alongside a special launch event with BIG $SHOP BACK rewards for 48 hours Read below to check which tokens or payment processors you should check out with in order to receive 20% $SHOP back rewards.

What is $SHOP?

$SHOP will function as Shopping.io’s native token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and serves as a utility token within the Shopping.io ecosystem. $SHOP provides numerous benefits which greatly encourage users to utilize the Shopping.io ecosystem. Some token benefits include increased $SHOP back rewards, FREE international shipping and additional discounts with its use as a form of payment.

Shopping.io created $SHOP with the goal of merging its current native tokens (SPI & GSPI) utilities as well as encouraging the unification of both tokens holders into one strong ecosystem. $SHOP has been designed to reflect the success of the Shopping.io platform thanks to its burn and mint mechanism.

$SHOP Launch Event

Shopping.io has orchestrated one of its biggest collaborations to date, with over 50 projects taking part. Starting on September 10th, 2022 at 5PM CET and lasting for 48 hours, all orders paid for using tokens from the following list via ShoppingPay will be rewarded with 20% of their order value back in $SHOP tokens.

Shoppers will also receive 20% $SHOP back with the use of the following payment processors

Additionally, the events 20% $SHOP back rewards are stackable alongside Shopping.io’s Membership plans $SHOP Back benefits. Paying with $SHOP will also grant users with an additional 3% discount and FREE international shipping.

What do I do with my $SHOP?

Shopping.io users will be able to view their $SHOP Back rewards as well as pull their tokens into their web3 wallets via the ‘Rewards’ tab on the Shopping.io website. The Rewards tab gives users full control over their $SHOP rewards including tokens obtained through membership packages, NFT staking and leaderboard rankings.

In the near future $SHOP rewards will also be able to be utilized on the platform itself without the need to withdraw them into a web3 wallet. Users will have the ability to pay for future orders using their $SHOP rewards while avoiding gas fees and enjoying the numerous benefits that come with its use. Other planned SHOP Back system features worth noting are its P2P capabilities allowing for the transmission of tokens between users within the ecosystem and the option to directly stake their earned tokens with a click of a button.

How to withdraw $SHOP

  1. Login to your Shopping.io account
  2. Go to the ‘Rewards’ tab under ‘Personal Dashboard’
  3. Scroll to the ‘Pending withdrawals’ section
  4. Identify which $SHOP rewards you would like to withdraw ($SHOP Back/Membership/NFT Staking/Leaderboard)
  5. Click withdraw under your desired withdrawal tab
  6. Enter the amount of $SHOP you wish to withdraw and confirm your correct wallet address within the pop up.


  • In order to receive $SHOP rewards Shoppers must place orders while logged in to their Shopping.io account. Orders placed via a guest login will not be eligible for $SHOP back rewards.
  • In order to refund an order, users will need to have the same amount of $SHOP in their Shopping.io account as they initially received from the purchase.

Launch date AMA

On $SHOP’s launch date (September 9th 2022) Shopping.io will be hosting live AMA’s and streams throughout the day where we will be interviewing team members from both Shopping.io and various integrated projects. A detailed stream timeline will be posted in the days prior to the launch.

There will also be time for community interaction with the Shopping.io team as well as multiple mini games within the Shopping.io Discord/Telegram.

$SHOP Staking Giveaways

$SHOP’s staking platform will be available immediately following the inception of the token, giving users access to Shopping.io’s membership plans and their benefits.

The launch of the Staking platform will be pared with a month long event where stakers have a chance to win amazing prizes. More information on the prizes and how to enter will be released nearer to $SHOP’s launch date.

Shopping.io — Changing the way we $SHOP

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